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Sport Freizeit Lifestyle - - Essay from the year 2008 in the subject Book Science, grade: 1,6, Edinburgh Napier University, language: English, abstract: 'Waverley' or ''Tis Sixty Years Since' the first novel by Sir Walter Scott tells the story of Edward Waverley who gets involved in the Jacobite rebellion of 1745. The novel tells about authentic battles during the rebellion and is therefore considered the first historic novel ever written. Published anonymously on 7 July 1814 it took not only Edinburgh but also the rest of Great Britain by storm and proved a popular sensation. It guided the way following generations wrote and understood history. The enormous impact as the prototypical English historical novel soon made it the most successful work of its kind and for the first time in history the novel became a respectable form. On that account this assessment will have a closer look at the creation and success of the novel 'Waverley' by Sir Walter Scott, by giving an overview over the impact it had when it was published, the publisher and printer and the author himself and analysing the reasons for its success and fast dissemination. The paper will close with a summary and conclusion. - Versandkostenfrei: Ja - - - bei Thalia - gefunden von shopping24

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- - 'Absorbing . . . no run-of-the-mill tartan noir'-The Times 'You'll have a blast with these' - Ian Rankin 'A top talent, and one to be cherished' - Quintin Jardine 'Spellbinding . . . one of the UK's most loved crime writers' - The Sunday Post 'A compelling lead . . . satisfyingly twisted plot' - Publishers Weekly 'Touches of dark humour, multi-layered and compelling' - Daily Record 'Striking characters and shifting plots vibrate with energy' - The Library Journal 'Daley is a character complete with depths, currents and sudden changes of the Atlantic ocean that crashes against Kinloch's harbour walls. The remote peninsula and the claustrophobic nature of small-town life are perfectly painted.' - Scotland on Sunday 'If you like Rankin, MacBride and Oswald, you'll love Meyrick' - The Sunday Mail 'Energetic, wry, and full of jolts' - Waterstones 'The right amount of authenticity . . . gritty writing . . . most memorable' - The Herald 'All three books have a strong sense of place, of city cops trying to fit in to a small, tightly knit rural environment' - Russell Leadbetter, Evening Times 'Meyrick has the ability to give even the least important person in the plot character and the skill to tell a good tale' - Scots Magazine 'Following in the tradition of great Scottish crime writers, Denzil Meyrick has turned out a cracking, tenacious thriller of a read. If you favour the authentic and credible, you are in safe hands' - Lovereading 'DCI Daley is shaping up to be the West Coast's answer to Edinburgh's Rebus'-Scottish Home and Country 'Well crafted and engrossing . . . Meyrick is well into his rhythm' - Journal of the Law Society of Scotland Glasgow, 1986. Only a few months into his new job, Constable Jim Daley is walking the beat. When he is called to investigate a break-in, he finds a young woman lying dead in her squalid flat. But how and why did she die? In a race against time, Daley is seconded to the CID to help catch a serial killer, under the guidance of his new friend DC Brian Scott. But the police are not the only ones looking for the killer . . . Jim Daley tackles his first serious crime on the mean streets of Glasgow, in an investigation that will change his life for ever. This is a stunning eBook only prequel to Denzil Meyrick's critically acclaimed, best-selling DCI Jim Daley series. - Versandkostenfrei: Ja - - - bei Thalia - gefunden von shopping24

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